A Digitally Programmable Voltage-Mode Multifunction Filter Using CCDVCCS


Abstract- This article presents a voltage-mode multi-function filter perfoming completely standard function: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject and all-pass functions, current controlled differential voltage current conveyors(CCDVCCs). The features of the circuit are that: the quality factor and polefrequency can be tuned independently via the input bias currents: the circuit description is very simple, consisting of merely 2 CCDVCCs, 1 resistor and 2 capacitors. Only one external resistor and without any component matching conditions, the proposed circuit is very appropriate to further develop into an integrated circuit. Additionally, each function response can be selected by suitably selecting input signals with ditigal method. The PSPICE simulation results are depicted. The given results agree well with the theoretical anticipation.

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